About Us

Amy as a child wanted to be a butler or a witch. After being advised against these career choices, she decided that when she grew up she would breed miniature elephants in a variety of pastel colours that could be sold to the Japanese as house pets for vast sums of money. Whilst this dream of creating elephants did not materialise, she did in fact see lots of elephants travelling in Africa and Asia, and after completing several degrees in Biology now breeds mosquitoes instead.

Amy currently works on scientific research projects in the tropics in the fight against malaria. This work abroad often takes her to weird and wonderful locations as a setting to her disastrous adventures as a traveller. In her spare time she also travels for fun to anywhere that may excite, amaze or tempt her. Her partner and fellow traveller (Kev) would describe her as “completely useless at navigation or direction finding and constantly lost, but an amazing and funny travel companion nonetheless”.

Kev worked in banking and finance and travelled at every given opportunity. Recreational travel took him to many far away places as often as he could. The justification of several long term and long distance trips featured several times as “once in a lifetime” opportunities. Working abroad in far off locations (including a tropical island off the coast of Borneo) he realised he loved getting off the beaten track. After falling in love with Amy he decided that he could no longer live apart from her. He gave up his job and now travels with Amy (for work and pleasure) as a “security advisor, logistics sorter, driver and general dogs body”. He loves his new role more than any other he has held in the corporate world, loves travelling and loves Amy most of all. Amy would describe him as “constantly moaning, a hypochondriac and a nightmare to travel with”. Kev is also overweight and has a Mohawk haircut.